Playing at being a writer

At Play-Writing we write a free text every morning, on a given subject, in a writer's notebook not corrected by the teacher. It lasts a quarter of an hour; the idea is not to have any inspiration to start with! Later we will select texts to type up, correct and make a collection for the class.

Sample topics:

  • My best friend

  • My best friend is a fox with the power of water (& that’s not all…)

  • My other best friend who is a wolf with the power of fire

Laughter recipe:

1) Take 3 kind words and boil them in Kiri juice.

2) Add a flash of madness and let sit in the freezer for 1 hour.

3) Sprinkle with hilarious powder and enjoy with salad.

It's ready !

Stimulating the imagination and desacralizing "writing".


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